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He is English-born, but undertook his rabbinic studies in Israel.

The announcement follows a meeting last month between senior members of the JCCV and a number of people who identify themselves as gay or lesbian.

She had spent World War II in perpetual flight, hidden by nuns in a convent boarding school, disguised as a blind child in an institute for the blind, hidden in an old people’s home, in different homes and ghettos and on a farm.

She and her older sister, Tosia, were two of at least 13 Jewish children sheltered by the nuns in a boarding school of 30, while her mother disguised her Jewish looks by dressing like a prostitute.

”They were special people who against all odds saved a handful of people, and from that handful there’s a whole generation now.” At first she saw the audience as just her family: three children, six grandchildren.

But she felt an urgent need that the Holocaust be remembered as ”it is already being denied and forgotten”.

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    This stage is characterized by the formation of most internal organs and external body structures.