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The story was of a guy that had met a 42 year old woman online, and after one month of dating was asking for 500,000 Baht for marriage. he should seriously consider his position because it smacks of extortion, a debate ensued regarding Sin Sod – the money paid to a Thai woman’s family by the groom during the marriage ceremony.

I was shocked at just how misunderstood this part of Thai culture is by so many foreigners, many of whom have lived in Thailand for many years.

That said, the type of guys such a woman would have access to wouldn't be able to afford more than that anyway.

But who knows, occasionally a rich man does fall for a poorer woman in good old classist Thailand, and to show his wealth he would no doubt slap down a hefty sin sod. Sin Sod is generally decided by status, family wealth, family name and accomplishment/education of the female in question.

And so, using my own knowledge and experience, and through quizzing three of my good Thai friends, I decided to write a definitive guide to Sin Sod.

The bottom line is, women don't walk away with half of everything like they do in some Western countries.If a woman finds herself back living with her parents as a single mother, the Sin Sod insures that there will be some money/land in the family to support the family.Thai society also dictates that the older a Thai woman gets the harder it becomes for her to find a job, let alone a well-paid one.I mean, when ex childhood superstar singer Tata Young, at almost 40 years old married Prame, the son of the Fair Tex boxing brand owner, she commanded 100 million Baht.But for a 40-year-old woman from a poor, rural family and a few kids in tow, it's unlikely that more than 200,000 Baht would be on offer.

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