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We're stuffed.'The Hardings moved into Broomfield Avenue, next door to Mr Gregory, in 1993 and got on well.

They were so close that when Mr Gregory confessed he was struggling to pay his mortgage and was going to have to sell up and move out, Mr Harding offered to help.

I was watching the news with Rooney going off to play Switzerland, and the newsreader saying, 'There's Wayne Rooney, packing up his troubles in his old kit bag.'" Just as interesting as the song's permeation of the English language is its colourful, and ultimately tragic, history. "This issue" was his grandfather's suicide in 1942 – but more of that tragic denouement later.

It is a past Aubrey Powell only discovered after he inherited the rights to Pack Up Your Troubles from his father, Harley Powell, and with it a trunk full of mementos. Firstly we must revisit happier times in the booming music halls of pre-First World War Britain, where brothers Felix and George Powell, along with their half-sisters, were regularly topping the bill as "The Harlequinaders".

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We did everything by the book and look where it ended up.'Nobody had ever heard of the law the solicitor used but it has cost us dearly.And indeed able to afford a smile, or three, is Aubrey Powell, the grandson of Felix Powell, its composer.This Armistice Day at the Cenotaph, as the band strikes up Pack Up Your Troubles, more pennies will drop into Powell's bank account, thanks to his grandfather's foresight in retaining the rights to his tune.But the buyer said he needed £1,200 a month rent and Mr Gregory objected to the rise.The case went to Brighton County Court in March 2016 where Mr Gregory said he sold the house to the Hardings for a reduced price, only because he could rent it for as long as he wanted.

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